First Motion’s transmedia development LAB: 2nd Call for transmedia projects

First Motion is a cooperation project between partners in seven Baltic Sea Region countries that supports experimental content production projects to test future opportunities in international digital markets for the audiovisual industries in their countries. We call for projects for this aim:
Your project is more than just a movie/game/app/”¦but rather whole universe based on your intellectual property, going different platforms and media?
You are eager to further develop that IP and try out new ways to reach your audience and/or business models?
Then you are First Motion material.
First Motion offers you the opportunity to develop the first step for your project, by producing the core-part of it. (e.g. one media type/form/format out of the whole transmedia project) This step should enable you to continue your whole project later on.
Creatives from the Baltic Sea Region with an innovative transmedia project idea, experimenting with content, format, market approach, multi-platform use, distribution ways or community activities. The development of projects will include content development, media production, publishing/distribution and marketing.
The projects should target audiences and markets in the Baltic Sea Region itself.
We hereby challenge audiovisual creative’s of all kind: filmmakers, animators, game designers, storytellers…
We will pick projects by the following criteria:
  • Innovative idea in transmedia storytelling
  • Innovative approach to new markets, audience awareness, distribution perspectives, business model ideas, creative approaches, IPR issues, financing plan”¦
2. Personality: WHY YOU, WHY NOW?
  • You and your motivation, key players, creative approaches,”¦
  • Up to € 30.000, – development/production money
  • 2 international workshop/LAB sessions for project development and networking
  • Individual mentoring by the First Motion partners
  • First Motion has established the Baltic Universe Platform – – and an editorial organisation that will be at your disposal for editorial support, online distribution and international promotion support.
  • Digital publishing and international marketing of the pilot/product to be developed in the LAB phase
  • Highly motivated applicants who want to test future possibilities for the industry
  • Applications should describe the whole transmedia project and in particular the core-part of it that should be done through and with First Motion support
  • Applicants must produce at least one media product or prototype for First Motion within the LAB phase (core-part), ending 31. January 2012
  • Applicants have to agree that their pilot/product (core-part) will be published and marketed internationally on the Baltic Universe platform, testing audiences, markets, distribution systems and business models, adding further benefit to the overall project (*1)
  • All applicants must have a strong track record in at least one media industry related to audiovisual content and the strong wish to work with transmedia projects and new markets
The Ten Commandments
  • 1. Working language will be English
  • 2. All applicants must have an established track record within their industry
  • 3. Applicants must own the rights to develop and produce the project in all required media. Projects can be at any stage
  • 4. Applications and supplementary materials must be delivered in English
  • 5. The projects will be developed in English or at least with English subtitles
  • 6. Selected projects will take part at both LAB sessions, to further develop their project as part of the contract (*2)
  • 7. All supplementary materials MUST BE delivered within the application form. Please provide relevant urls to additional materials within the application form
  • 8. Applicants should have a story related to the Baltic Sea Region Identity (*3)
  • 9. All completed application forms must be received by 31. March 2011 by (10MB filesize limitation)
  • 10. Applicants must accept an offer of a place on the Lab within one week after notification
Main Dates
  • 31 March 2011: Deadline for submissions Selection process finished
  • 15 April: Successful applicants informed
  • 22 April: Projects have confirmed participation
  • 27-30 May: First LAB Inbetween Local mentored individual development work
  • September 2011: Second LAB Product development finished
Any questions?
Please do not hesitate to ask:
Please contact the First Motion partner located closest to you. If in doubt, please contact the general contact. Contracts will be signed with individual partners who will also do the local mentoring between workshops.
Send your application to; your application must not exceed 10Megabytes in file size. Access to bigger files must be provided through urls within the application.
(*1) Within the overall project submitted, the applicant will produce one core-part of it (further referred to as prototype). The prototype has a double function: For First Motion it is used for research. For the applicant it is a basis to further develop and finance the overall project. The prototype will be used by First Motion to research and develop digital markets. To the applicant this means an additional value of digital publishing and promotion. The applicant is free to use the prototype on his own for further means. Money earned with it is repayable to the project for eight years after creation. All money earned with content based on the prototype (further content) is not repayable as all IPR stays with the applicant. They are not part of the contract signed with the First Motion partners. For more information and clarifications please contact the partners listed or already in advance of sending in your application.
(*2) The international workshops (LABs’) are mandatory. Travel and accommodation will be provided by First Motion. The LABs’ aim is to further develop the project.
(*3) This is not obligatory, but recommended, as the pilot projects should preferably target audiences and markets in the Baltic Sea Region itself.
(*4) Please note that the application has to comply with the general regulations for allocation of support of the project partner you are applying to. (E.g. no funding for pornographic material) Please check the respective website.
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